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Border Security

Safely & Remotely Securing Borders

Today’s threat environment has placed increasing demands on border security agencies to protect the public, secure borders and appropriately respond to situations ranging from preventing unlawful incursions to providing humanitarian assistance.

Throughout the world, border security agencies are deploying LRAD systems to enhance their ability to safely secure borders, conduct special operations, facilitate search and rescue missions, and interdict and prevent acts of terrorism, human trafficking and drug smuggling.

LRAD’s highly intelligible, multilingual voice and powerful warning tone broadcasts are clearly heard and understood from close range up to 3 kilometers.

LRAD Systems

LRAD systems go anywhere communication is needed. From the hand portable LRAD 100X to larger systems mounted temporarily or permanently on towers, vehicles, trailers or helicopters, LRAD is versatile, self-contained and does not rely on external power or communication infrastructure.

Integrating remotely operated LRAD-RX tower mounted systems with radar, cameras and other sensors provides added security for fenced and unfenced border areas. The ability to remotely hail and warn provides border security agencies a proactive approach to securing borders not available through camera-only solutions.

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