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Border Security

Virtual Acoustic Fence

Long Range Acoustic Device systems turn border command and control centers into instantaneous first responders by remotely identifying, warning and deterring potential border incursions. Integrating LRAD-RX tower mounted systems with radar, cameras and other sensors provides added security for fenced and unfenced border areas. The ability to remotely hail and warn provides border security agencies a proactive approach to securing borders not available through camera-only solutions.

LRAD’s highly intelligible, multilingual voice and powerful warning tone broadcasts are clearly heard and understood from close range up to 3 kilometers. By creating large standoff zones around sovereign borders, land based and drone-mounted LRADs resolve uncertain situations peacefully and help prevent deadly confrontations.

LRAD Systems
  • Safely alert, communicate & deter
  • Cover more border area with less manpower
  • Facilitate search & rescue operations in difficult terrain
  • Humanely steer border crossers to water or aid in remote border areas
  • Create a virtual acoustic fence
  • Feature military tested construction & all-weather use
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing cameras & other sensor systems
  • Offer a cost effective alternative or enhancement to fences
  • Have mobile options & and are simple to operate
  • Are Safe, Proven & Effective

Using long-range communication, LRAD turns passive border surveillance systems into first responders and eliminates false alarms, acts as a force multiplier, and establishes a permanent perimeter presence to enforce sovereign borders.

“The technology is pretty amazing; the piercing noise acts as a deterrent and the LRAD is also able to transmit amazingly clear messages over long distances. You talk to somebody that’s a mile away and tell them do not continue to approach in this direction. Powerful cameras and infrared sensors will be used to detect the border crossers then the LRAD units could be trained on those crossers remotely. With each mile of border fence costing about $16 million, putting a $90,000 LRAD unit on every mile of rural border sounds pretty cost effective.” – KSAZ Ch. 10 News

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