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Border Security

BORSTAR /  Search & Rescue

Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) Unit operations are conducted in varying climates and topographies. Missions last a few hours to prolonged FEMA supported natural disaster operations lasting several weeks. These scenarios vary in difficulty from simply locating victims needing water and first aid to complex rescues requiring requiring officers to render greater assistance including helicopters rescues in remote areas and canyons.

LRAD goes anywhere communication is needed. From the hand portable LRAD 100X to larger systems mounted temporarily or permanently on towers, vehicles, trailers or helicopters, LRAD systems are versatile, self-contained and don’t rely on external power or communication infrastructure.

LRAD’s highly intelligible, multilingual messages and alert tones  are clearly heard and understood over wind, engine, rotor wash and background noise in any type of terrain and environment from close range to 3 kilometers.

LRAD provides BORSTAR units and border agents a multifaceted communications capability deployable on the ground or in the air to quickly find, assure, aid and rescue victims.

By enabling border officers to communicate over distance, LRAD systems facilitate and enhance search & rescue operations.

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