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Extended Range Communication & Scalable Escalation of Force (EOF)

Today’s military forces are required to support the full spectrum of missions from combat to counterinsurgency to disaster response and humanitarian assistance. Regardless of the assigned mission, clear communication and scalable EOF are critical to mission success.

LRAD Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHDs) broadcast audible, highly intelligible voice messages and deterrent tones from close range up to 3 kilometers. Unlike conventional loudspeakers, bullhorns and vehicle P.A. systems that disperse sound in all directions, LRAD’s proprietary audio technology focuses sound in a 15° – 30° beam while significantly reducing audio levels behind the devices and in surrounding areas.

Military organizations around the world are filling the critical gap between initial engagement and EOF with LRAD’s unparalleled long-range communication and scalable non-lethal, non-kinetic deterrent tones.

LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity for any operational scenario. Optimized to the primary human hearing range of 1 – 5 kHz, LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast is clearly heard and understood, even above crowd, engine, and background noise.


From the portable LRAD 100X to larger systems temporarily or permanently mounted on vehicles, vessels or helicopters, LRAD systems improve operational effectiveness in any mission scenario.

Ground & Maneuver Forces

As part of a layered EOF strategy, LRAD systems provide military personnel additional time and distance to distinguish between security threats and non-combatants before engaging with lethal force. Powerful LRAD deterrent tones safely initiate and scale EOF based on a threat’s actions.

As an essential component in all EOF protocols, LRAD systems have proven highly effective for many military applications including:

  1. Communicating at safe distances to groups or individuals in their native language
  2. Determining intent from within the safety of armored vehicles
  3. Broadcasting warning tones to deter and disperse hostile crowds
  4. Creating large standoff zones
  5. Establishing and enforcing perimeter security using LRAD as an acoustic fence
  6. Area denial
  7. Checkpoint security
  8. Convoy protection & communications
  9. Cordon and search operations
  10. Military Information Support Operations (MISO/PSYOP)
  11. Humanitarian assistance & disaster response

Naval Forces / Coast Guard

LRAD systems were developed in response to the deadly attack on the USS Cole that resulted in death or injury to 56 sailors. The USS Cole was equipped with an arsenal of lethal force, but had no way of determining the intent of an approaching unmarked vessel until it was too late.

LRAD systems determine the intent of vessels not responding to radio calls, alter threat behavior and enlarge vessel standoff zones for ships underway, pier side or at anchor. LRAD’s unmatched long-range communication and acoustic performance is also used during search and rescue operations, boarding vessels, and interdictions at sea. When integrated with Unmanned Surface Vessels, LRAD systems provide an autonomous, remote first response capability for port, harbor and ship security.

Military Police

LRAD systems enhance base, checkpoint and other MP security duties by broadcasting live or recorded commands in any language over distance. LRAD’s focused voice broadcasts and powerful deterrent tones augment response capabilities, unequivocally determine intent, establish large standoff zones and safely initiate EOF protocol.

Air Forces

Evolving Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are transforming the way armed forces monitor and protect assets, and conduct military operations. Current unmanned systems can’t communicate or engage potential threats with a measured response. Additionally, power requirements limit extended UAS missions making low power, integrated system enhancements imperative.

LRAD Corporation understands these challenges and has developed solutions that complement and strengthen UAS capabilities. LRAD systems integrated with existing sensor networks are deployed to remotely respond to incursions and potential threats. Mounted LRADs enhance UAS missions by providing an airborne, remote first response solution.

Helicopter-mounted LRAD systems provide a vital long-range communications capability for a variety of missions including search and rescue, MISO, command and control, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response.

LRAD Corporation works with defense corporations and government/military organizations in providing customized UAS and helicopter mounted solutions to support military operations around the world.

Facilities & Installations

Omnidirectional LRAD ONE VOICE® systems combine warning sirens and highly intelligible, 360° voice broadcasts to provide advanced emergency warning and mass notification for military facilities and installations. Current emergency warning systems sound sirens to alert of danger, but are incapable of broadcasting clear voice messages containing critical information about the severity of the situation and recommended actions to protect and save lives. LRAD mass notification systems are used to communicate throughout emergency situations and are self-contained or easily integrated with existing base communication networks.

LRAD’s unmatched long-range communication and scalable, non-lethal EOF capabilities improve operational effectiveness, reduce non-combatant casualties, and enhance safety across the full spectrum of military missions.

LRAD is the only acoustic hailing device that meets all U.S. Military requirements.

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