The Global Leader in Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices


Exclusion Zones

Today’s threat environment has placed increasing demands on military forces stretching resources to the limit. Force protection tools that increase security coverage, act as a force multiplier and safely enforce exclusion zones alleviate these challenges.

Checkpoint Security

LRAD enables checkpoint security personnel to broadcast live or recorded commands in any language. LRAD’s powerful deterrent tone enhances response capabilities, determines security threat intent and, when necessary, safely initiates the escalation of force.

Convoy Protection/Route Clearance

When traveling through areas of civilian unrest, convoys employ LRAD to communicate to potentially hostile locals and to discourage rock throwing and more serious threats. LRAD is proven and effective in deterring incidents and preventing injuries on both sides of the device.

Fixed Site Security

LRAD protects security personnel by enforcing increased standoff distances around perimeters and control points. LRAD also gives control point security personnel more time to accurately assess uncertain situations and respond appropriately.

Naval Fleets & Bases

LRAD combines powerful voice broadcasts and deterrent tones with focused acoustic output to clearly determine the intent of vessels not responding to radio calls, alter threat behavior and enlarge vessel standoff zones well beyond 3,000 meters. LRAD’s broadcast range exceeds the CINCLANTFLT Naval Vessel Protection Zone for standoff distances for ships pier side, at anchor or in restricted waters. The U.S. Navy employs the LRAD-RX for perimeter security and enforcement of exclusion zones around the Bahrain Naval Base pier.

UAVs / UGVs / Hovering Drones

When integrated with sensor networks, LRAD systems are deployed on the ground or in the air to remotely respond to unauthorized incursions and potential threats. The coordinates are transmitted to the UAV, UGV or drone mounted LRAD providing operators precise targeting of LRAD’s unique directed sound capability to communicate and appropriately respond to incursions and security threats from remote locations.

LRAD is the only acoustic hailing device that meets all U.S. Military requirements.

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