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FOB & Perimeter Security

Throughout the world, LRAD systems are being deployed by defense agencies for FOB and perimeter security and surveillance applications. Legacy systems with cameras, thermal imaging, motion detectors and other sensors only watch.

Using powerful, highly intelligible commands and deterrent tones to safely establish and enforce large standoff zones ranging from 50 meters up to 3 kilometers, LRAD systems determine security threat intent and provide defense personnel more time to initiate an elevated response to unauthorized incursions if necessary.


Featuring an integrated zoom camera, high-intensity searchlight and an IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise tracking and targeting, the LRAD-RX can also be integrated with radar to provide automated intruder alerts. By turning passive surveillance systems and command and control centers into remote first responders, the LRAD-RX provides a permanent perimeter presence, reduces false alarms and protects defense personnel from potentially deadly situations.

LRAD-RX Systems:
  • Establish larger security areas for increased asset protection
  • Provide greater coverage with fewer personnel
  • Determine intent from extended distances
  • Extend perimeter security and enforce exclusion zones
  • Reduce false alarms and protect security personnel

Coast Guard

Coast Guard agencies around the world are experiencing increasing territorial water incursions and homeland security threats. LRAD’s attention commanding voice broadcasts and warning tones enable coastal defense personnel to determine the intent of vessels not responding to radio calls and assist local marine officers enforce waterway regulations.

Colombia has installed LRAD 300X systems on their coastal defense patrol boats. During suspect boat interceptions, LRAD ensures the commands and instructions broadcast from Colombian maritime security vessels are clearly heard and understood over engine, wind and background noise to safely create large standoff zones and avert deadly confrontations.

Military Bases & Airports

The U.S. military employs LRAD-RX systems for perimeter security and enforcement of exclusion zones around certain bases including the Bahrain Naval Base pier. By remotely establishing and enforcing security perimeters, LRAD-RX systems prevent trespassing and unauthorized vehicle incursions.

LRAD-RX systems have also proven effective in steering bird flocks away from runways where aircraft are most vulnerable to potentially disastrous bird strikes. LRAD broadcasts a wide variety of tones and predator calls to move birds away from airports, significantly reducing aircraft and facility bird strike damage.

Bagram Airfield, the hub of U.S. operations in eastern Afghanistan, is located directly in a path migratory birds fly each spring. LRAD and avian radar systems were deployed after several bird strikes caused millions of dollars in damage to departing and arriving aircraft.


The Ports of Corpus Christi, Texas, Ras Laffan, Qatar and Aqaba, Jordan installed advanced security systems featuring the LRAD-RX to broadcast multilingual hails and warnings to inbound ships not responding to radio calls. The LRAD-RX reduces false alarms and port security response times associated with confirming or denying port entry.

Embassies & Government Facilities

Tower-mounted LRAD-RX systems provide enhanced embassy and government facility perimeter security to more effectively protect personnel and assets.

LRAD is the only acoustic hailing device that meets all U.S. Military requirements.

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