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Homeland Security
LRAD: Community Preparedness

Community Preparedness

Until recently, voice communication had been an afterthought for emergency warning & mass notification systems. Most warning systems sound sirens to alert of approaching danger, but are incapable of clearly broadcasting information about the severity of the situation or recommended actions to protect and save lives.

LRAD systems combine warning sirens with highly intelligible long-range voice communications to provide information and instructions during community preparedness exercises and emergency situations.

Bullhorns and portable/vehicle public address systems are limited in range and vocal clarity. LRAD provides homeland security personnel a superior way to communicate live or pre-recorded messages for:

  • Communicating instructions to relief volunteers during disasters and emergency preparedness exercises
  • Conducting search & rescue operations
  • Supervising cleanup efforts
  • Quickly disseminating warnings and instructions over localized or large areas

LRAD minimizes the number of homeland security personnel needed to conduct and supervise large volunteer efforts during disaster drills and in the aftermath of a catastrophe.

Featuring exceptional intelligibility and vocal clarity, LRAD systems enable authorities to communicate into buildings and vehicles, and over wind, engine and background noise in any type of terrain or environment from close range up to 5.3 sq. kilometers.

LRAD goes anywhere communication is needed. From the portable LRAD 100X to larger systems mounted temporarily or permanently on vehicles, vessels, trailers or helicopters, portable LRAD systems are self-contained and don’t rely on external power or communication infrastructure.

LRAD provides community preparedness officials ONE VOICE® to safely communicate to affected populations before, during, and in the aftermath of emergency situations.

LRAD broadcasts are safe and have been optimized to the range where human hearing is most receptive. By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has eliminated the shortcomings of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies.

LRAD broadcasts facilitate safety and save lives during crisis situations including:
  • Severe Weather, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Fires & Flooding
  • Fire / Explosive incidents
  • CBRN / HAZMAT incidents
  • Bomb / Armed Gunman threats
  • SWAT operations
  • Area / Campus / Building lockdowns
  • Large Freeway / Derailed Train Accident scenes
  • Evacuation / Shelter-in-Place notifications
  • Humanitarian / Disaster Relief
  • Search & Rescue operations
  • Incident Management

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