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Homeland Security

CBRN & HAZMAT Incidents

During CBRN and hazardous material incidents, small groups or several thousand people may be affected. Ground based and airborne LRAD systems provide homeland security personnel and first responders the vital capability to clearly communicate lifesaving instructions and directions to individuals locally or large populations over wide areas.

Up to 10X louder and significantly more intelligible than bullhorns and vehicle P.A. systems, LRAD systems broadcast highly intelligible notifications and instructions to alleviate panic associated with traumatic events. MOPP4 and voicemitter compatible, LRAD systems enable first responders to rapidly notify at risk personnel, create safety zones, and direct appropriate response and recovery operations when hazardous materials are released.

Fully functional in austere environments, LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice messages in any language for every contingency operation.

LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through wind, engine and background noise and is clearly heard and understood, even inside vehicles and buildings. LRAD’s wide area broadcast capability frees responders and emergency personnel to attend to other critical duties.

Warn & Notify
  • Notify everyone affected simultaneously
  • Quickly establish restricted areas
  • Blocked evacuation routes
Instruct & Direct
  • Stay / Evacuate / Safe Exit Routes
  • Quickly clear Hot Zones
  • Communicate concise and unambiguous messages to assist with DECON procedures

LRAD broadcasts safely establish and enforce incident perimeters. LRAD also helps create isolation and quarantine areas and provides information, instructions and reassurance to survivors.

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