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Law Enforcement

Safeguarding the Public & Protecting Officers

Increasing demands on law enforcement agencies have stretched resources to the limit and the tools they use must be portable, rugged, easy to use, cost effective, and fill multiple needs. LRAD fills the critical gap between the poor voice quality and limited broadcast range inherent in bullhorns and vehicle P.A. systems, and kinetic measures including water cannons, tear gas projectiles, rubber bullets, pepper balls, Tasers, and flash bang grenades.

LRAD is not a weapon; LRAD is a highly intelligible, long range communication system and a safer alternative to kinetic force.

LRAD systems safely broadcast highly intelligible messages, warnings, notifications, instructions and commands from close range out to 2000 meters to individuals or large crowds in a wide variety of law enforcement situations.

As part of field and special response team operations, LRAD safely extends the perimeter in friendly or escalated environments keeping the public and officers out of harm’s way. Law enforcement agencies are also using LRAD to:

  1. Communicate to large crowds during parades, festivals, concerts and sports events
  2. Establish safety zones and humanely enforce perimeters
  3. Control traffic congestion
  4. Conduct SWAT operations
  5. Disperse crowds
  6. End hostage and barricaded subject situations
  7. Serve high risk warrants
  8. Extract inmates safely from cells
  9. Secure jails, prison yards and facility perimeters
  10. Communicate to protesters
  11. Stop threatened suicides
  12. Evacuate neighborhoods during emergencies and disasters
  13. Conduct search & rescue operations from the land and air
  14. Communicate lifesaving information to citizens during disasters

LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through wind, engine and background noise and is clearly heard and understood, even inside vehicles and buildings. Through the use of live or recorded multilingual voice messages and alert tones, LRAD systems establish large safety zones, unequivo­cally determine intent, resolve uncertain situations, and save lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device.

Law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world, including over 400 U.S. cities, counties and states, use LRAD systems and support equipment.

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