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Law Enforcement

Campus Security

Frenzied students and fans stampeding at a football stadium following a hard fought game…Thousands of angry students protesting and rioting…Active shooters terrorizing business and school campuses…These and other dangerous situations pose significant challenges for campus security and law enforcement to keep students, staff and faculty safe and out of harms way.

LRAD provides campus security and law enforcement a safe, highly effective communications capability. Broadcasting crystal clear live announcements and recorded messages, LRAD systems assist campus security and law enforcement officers communicate to students, staff and faculty before, during and after large events and crisis situations. LRAD broadcasts can be clearly heard and understood in and around an incident area or throughout a large campus, even inside buildings and vehicles.

LRAD systems are up to 10X louder than bullhorns and vehicle P.A. systems and considerably more intelligible at any range. Self-contained and self-powered, LRAD replaces ineffective bullhorns and less effective reverse 911 calls to ensure students, staff and employees hear and understand instructions simultaneously during an emergency.

When local infrastructure fails, LRAD serves as a primary or back up mass communication system to broadcast warnings and instructions campus wide during emergency situations including bomb and security threats, building lockdowns, CBRN and HAZMAT incidents, impending severe weather and other potentially catastrophic events.

Clearly heard and understood above crowd and traffic noise, LRAD’s voice broadcasts and alarm tone are safe and easily modulated. LRAD is the safer alternative to water cannons, tear gas projectiles, rubber bullets, pepper balls, Tasers, flash bang grenades and other kinetic measures. LRAD also serves as a force multiplier when a limited number of campus/law enforcement personnel are available for crowd control at planned or spontaneous events.

LRAD systems communicate warnings and notifications in a variety of campus security situations:


  • Extreme weather
  • CBRN / HAZMAT incidents
  • Security threat
  • Campus/building lockdown/evacuation
  • Blocked evacuation or egress routes


  • Campus/building emergency
  • Event security rules at large events
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Instructions to students, staff and employees (evacuate/shelter in
    place/all clear)

LRAD Systems:

  • Communicate to large crowds at concerts and sporting events
  • Help inform and calm students, staff and employees
  • Assist in communicating to and dispersing crowds
  • End hostage and barricaded subject situations
  • Stop threatened suicides
  • Provide primary or back up mass communication campus wide
  • Establish and maintain safety zones between crowds and campus security personnel
  • Safely defuse dangerous situations
Law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world, including over 250 U.S. cities, counties and states, use LRAD systems and support equipment.

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