The Global Leader in Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices

Law Enforcement

Correctional Facilities

Corrections officers face unique challenges in guarding inmates while ensuring their own safety when carrying out their duties.

The use of LRAD systems to broadcast highly intelligible, multilingual notifications, instructions, warnings and commands to individual or all inmates enable correctional facilities to safely create standoff zones that alleviate injuries and deadly outcomes.

LRAD systems are up to 10X louder than most bullhorns and portable P.A. systems and considerably more intelligible at any range. LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through background noise and is clearly heard and understood.

LRAD is a safer alternative to water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, Tasers, pepper balls, flash bang grenades and other kinetic measures to disperse unruly inmates and minimize the escalation of force.

LRAD is fundamentally changing the way corrections officers conduct many daily operations. Correctional facilities are utilizing LRAD systems to safely:

  • Alter behavior
  • Gain prisoners’ compliance and eliminate the need for multiple
    officers to enter cells or cell blocks
  • Conduct cell extractions
  • Disrupt inmate communications
  • Secure jails, prison yards and facility perimeters
  • End hostage and barricaded prisoner situations
  • Stop fights & riots
  • Restore order
  • Alleviate prisoner-on-prisoner/prisoner-on-guard violence and facility
  • Minimize the escalation of force

LRAD also serves as an instant force multiplier, freeing officers to prevent dangerous situations from escalating.

LRAD quickly resolves uncertain situations to prevent injuries and save lives.

Law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world, including in over 250 U.S. cities, counties and states, are using LRAD systems and support equipment.

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