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In response to the deadly October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, LRAD Corporation created the acoustic hailing device (AHD) market by developing its proprietary Long Range Acoustic Device technology and systems. The USS Cole was equipped with an arsenal of lethal force, but had no way of determining the intent of an approaching unmarked vessel until it was too late.

LRAD resolves uncertain situations and saves lives on both sides of the device by broadcasting highly intelligible voice communications and warning tones with focused acoustic output to clearly determine the intent of vessels not responding to radio calls, alter threat behavior and enlarge vessel standoff zones beyond 3,000 meters.

LRAD is unique in its ability to broadcast either live or recorded voice messages in any language with exceptional intelligibility and tonal clarity.

LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through engine, wind and background noise, and is clearly heard and understood by approaching vessels. LRAD’s focused voice broadcasts and warning siren are safe for those on the receiving end as well as for operators and crew.

LRAD systems are in use in more than 70 countries around the world.

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