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Mass Notification & Emergency Warning

LRAD Genasys™ – Advanced IPAWS-Compatible Mass Notification Solutions

Until LRAD entered the mass notification market, highly intelligible voice communication was not available. Standard mass notification installations sound sirens to warn, but are incapable of broadcasting messages with industry-leading vocal clarity containing critical information about the severity, location and expected duration of an emergency, and potentially lifesaving directions.

Automated phone calls, emails, text messages, social media, and other emergency notification measures usually cover large areas with minimal targeting. LRAD Genasys location-based mass messaging solutions send emergency messages only to mobile phones located in an emergency area.

LRAD Genasys™

Revolutionary LRAD Genasys solutions include voice broadcast systems that feature industry-leading voice intelligibility and geospatial mobile alerts to protect and save lives. IPAWS-compatible LRAD Genasys voice broadcast systems ensure emergency warnings and general announcements are clearly heard and understood throughout coverage areas. LRAD life safety systems warn and communicate critical information to populations not receiving automated phone calls and other emergency notification measures by broadcasting attention-commanding warning sirens and extraordinarily clear voice messages over wind, traffic and background noise up to 14 sq. kilometers from a single installation.

Advanced Technology

Optimized to the primary human hearing range of 1 – 5 kHz, LRAD features advanced driver and waveguide technology to focus broadcasts in a 60° pattern or transmit 360° with uniform area coverage.

By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has overcome the limitations of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies. LRAD Genasys voice broadcast systems are the only mass notification solutions that offer several volume control settings to customize broadcast area coverage.

Remotely monitored and activated by TCP/IP, fiber, satellite, Wi-Fi, digital or analog radio, Ethernet or hard wire, LRAD Genasys systems are the most flexible and easily configured mass notification solutions available.

Superior Voice Intelligibility

Based on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Military United Facilities Criteria (UFC) guidelines, the minimum standard for high-powered speaker array (HPSA) mass notification systems is a 0.5 speech transmission index (STI) measurement.

LRAD Genasys voice broadcast systems feature the highest STI rating in the mass notification industry at 0.95, substantially exceeding all FEMA and UFC voice intelligibility requirements.

LRAD systems are self-contained or easily integrated with existing communications infrastructure. From portable devices to larger systems temporarily or permanently mounted on poles, buildings, trailers, vehicles or helicopters, LRAD systems are highly effective in communicating lifesaving information locally and over large areas before, during, and in the aftermath of disasters and emergency situations.

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