The Global Leader in Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices

Mass Notification & Emergency Warning

Humanitarian Response & Relief

When major disasters strike, existing infrastructure is disrupted and compromised, power and communication systems may fail, rural areas can become isolated and urban streets impassible and dangerous. Reliable communication for maintaining civil order, conducting search and rescue operations, and providing relief distribution is a must-have capability for first responders.

LRAD Genasys public safety notification systems go anywhere communication is needed.

From hand portable devices to larger systems temporarily or permanently mounted on trailers, vehicles or helicopters, LRAD Genasys™ systems are highly effective in communicating warnings, instructions and commands over wide areas before, during, and in the aftermath of disasters and emergency situations.

Unlike the poor voice quality and limited range of bullhorns and siren-based notification systems, LRAD broadcasts with exceptional intelligibility and vocal clarity from close range up to 14 sq. kilometers enabling emergency responders to communicate over wind, engine and background noise. Portable LRAD systems are self-contained and do not rely on external power or communication infrastructure.

By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has overcome the limitations of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies.

LRAD systems enable civil authorities to communicate to affected populations, informing survivors that help has arrived and providing assurance, encouragement and lifesaving instructions.

The LRAD Genasys Advantage:

  • Lightweight, low profile, robust construction withstands up to 200 mph winds
  • Greater efficiency and reduced power consumption
  • TCP/IP based
  • Combines warning siren with clear & unambiguous voice communication
  • Flexible broadcast area coverage
  • Standard 24V DC with AC or Solar charging
  • Capable of running several hours continuously on two standard 12V batteries (Significantly exceeds one-hour requirement)
  • Continuous run option on AC 110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Flexible solutions that easily integrate and connect to existing systems
  • LRAD acoustic solutions are widely recognized for their reliability, affordability, effectiveness and safety.

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