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Mass Notification & Emergency Warning

Military Mass Notification & P.A.

During emergency situations on military bases, personnel safety is the highest priority. When approaching severe weather, fire, bomb and active shooter threats, chemical releases, and other life threatening incidents occur, all personnel on site must be alerted and base emergency protocols quickly initiated.

In non-emergency situations, military bases also require mass communication for playing bugle calls, the national anthem and broadcasting general announcements.

Unlike siren-based giant voice systems that have limited voice capability and range, LRAD Genasys® voice broadcast systems combine public address with mass notification and feature exceptional intelligibility, broadcasting warning sirens and crystal clear voice messages in uniform 360° coverage from close range out to 12 sq. kilometers.

By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has eliminated the shortcomings of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies.

LRAD mass notification systems are configurable and can be remotely monitored and activated by Ethernet, Wi-Fi, digital or analog radio, fiber or hard wire and provide a superior communications capability for general announcements and emergency situations.

The LRAD Advantage:

  • Lightweight, low profile, robust construction withstands up to 200 mph winds
  • Greater efficiency and reduced power consumption
  • TCP/IP based
  • Combines warning siren with clear & unambiguous voice communication
  • Flexible broadcast area coverage
  • Standard 24V DC with AC or Solar charging
  • Capable of running several hours continuously on two standard 12V batteries (Significantly exceeds one-hour requirement)
  • Continuous run option on AC 110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Flexible solutions that easily integrate and connect to existing systems
  • LRAD acoustic solutions are widely recognized for their reliability, affordability, effectiveness and safety.

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