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Mass Notification & Emergency Warning

Outdoor Events –
Public Address & Emergency Notification

Enhancing and securing public safety during large events and emergency situations is a critical priority in today’s increased threat environment. Severe weather, active shooter and bomb threats, AMBER alerts, and other emergency situations pose significant challenges for authorities tasked with keeping large outdoor events secure and peaceful.

Bullhorns and portable/vehicle loudspeaker systems have limited broadcast range and poor vocal clarity. LRAD Genasys public safety notification systems broadcast highly intelligible voice messages and provide a superior capability to communicate live or recorded messages to large crowds in any language for:

  1. General Announcements
  2. Locating Lost Children
  3. Mass Evacuation
  4. Traffic Control
  5. Crowd Dispersal
  6. Emergency Notifications

With its commanding alert tone to safely ensure attention to the exceptionally clear notifications and instructions that follow, LRAD systems provide public safety personnel LRAD Genasys systems to communicate to crowds at large events. LRAD also serves as a force multiplier when a limited number of officers are available for security at outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, parades, fairs, demonstrations and sporting events.

By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has overcome the limitations of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies.

LRAD systems effectively inform and direct large crowds, provide information and updates on emergency situations, combine public address with mass notification and saves lives.

From hand portable devices to larger systems mounted on trailers, vehicles or helicopters, LRAD goes anywhere communication is needed.

The LRAD Genasys Advantage:

  • Lightweight, low profile, robust construction withstands up to 200 mph winds
  • Greater efficiency and reduced power consumption
  • TCP/IP based
  • Combines warning siren with clear & unambiguous voice communication
  • Flexible broadcast area coverage
  • Standard 24V DC with AC or Solar charging
  • Capable of running several hours continuously on two standard 12V batteries (Significantly exceeds one-hour requirement)
  • Continuous run option on AC 110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Flexible solutions that easily integrate and connect to existing systems
  • LRAD acoustic solutions are widely recognized for their reliability, affordability, effectiveness and safety.
  • Over 400 cities, counties and states have equipped their law enforcement officers and emergency responders with LRAD systems and support equipment.
Clearly heard and understood over crowd and traffic noise, LRAD systems provide a superior communications capability for all crowd notification and large event scenarios.


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