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Preserving Wildlife & Protecting Assets

The high costs of repairing and replacing commercial assets due to wildlife-related damage, costly penalties and bad publicity associated with harming wildlife, and the ineffectiveness of legacy deterrents, highlight the need for safer, more effective wildlife preservation and control solutions.

Due to their limited range and repetitive sounds, over time wildlife become habituated to cracker shells, propane cannons and other standard deterrents rendering them ineffective.

Originally developed for defense and public safety applications, LRAD systems are also in use around the world to more effectively preserve and control wildlife. Featuring advanced directionality and several volume settings, LRAD is easily programmed to broadcast a wide variety of tones and predator calls to safely deter wildlife at distances in excess of 3,000 meters and ensure against habituation.

When integrated with cameras, motion sensors, night vision and radar, LRAD-RX systems can be automated and remotely operated across an IP network providing critical asset operators a completely unmanned perimeter protection solution capable of safely deterring wildlife and human incursions.

Airports / Air Bases

Manually operated or integrated into remote command and control centers, LRAD provides a humane bioacoustic deterrent for birds and waterfowl to prevent aircraft bird strikes.

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Gas & Oil Platforms

LRAD systems provide platform operators the ability to deter waterfowl and fishing boat incursions onsite or from remote locations.

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Remotely operated LRAD systems integrated with avian radar are being used in several locations to automatically prevent bird landings and wildlife incursions into hazardous water and waste areas.

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Plants / Industrial Facilities / Landfills

By implementing LRAD systems into industrial wildlife control programs, birds are safely dispersed and move on to more suitable roosting grounds.

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Solar Farms

Automated radar equipped LRAD-RX systems keep raptors, birds, wildlife and trespassers away from solar farms by creating a safe, highly effective acoustic fence.

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Vineyards / Agriculture / Fisheries

LRAD broadcasts a wide variety of intense, directional sounds, including predator calls, to humanely deter birds and other wildlife from destroying crops and damaging property.

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Wind Farms

Automated radar equipped LRAD-RX systems keep raptors, birds, bats and trespassers away from wind farms by creating a safe, highly effective acoustic fence.

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