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Preserving Wildlife & Protecting Assets
LRAD 1000Xi

Wind & Solar Farms

While wind and solar power are the fastest growing alternative energy sources, they’ve proven deadly when it comes to wildlife safety.

Millions of raptors, birds and bats are being killed each year by wind turbines. Hundreds of thousands of raptors, birds and other wildlife are being drawn to solar plants and then injured or burned to death by 800 degree Fahrenheit rays. The problem is becoming so serious that measures to protect the avian population are beginning to slow the growth of wind and solar farms worldwide.

LRAD systems protect assets & wildlife

LRAD systems protect alternative energy installations by deterring wildlife incursions and preventing trespassing, asset theft and vandalizing, saving renewable energy companies millions of dollars in wildlife and intruder-related equipment costs and damage.

Originally developed for defense and public safety applications, LRAD systems are also in use around the world to more effectively preserve and control wildlife. Featuring advanced directionality and several volume settings, LRAD is easily programmed to broadcast a wide variety of tones and predator calls to safely deter wildlife at distances in excess of 3,000 meters and ensure against habituation.

Automated radar equipped LRAD-RX systems keep raptors, birds, bats and trespassers away from wind and solar farms by creating a safe, highly effective acoustic fence.

LRAD systems address the wildlife preservation concerns of the public, environmental organizations, and government regulatory agencies.

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