Campus Safety & Communication

Advanced Communication for Campus Safety

Active shooter incidents, campus safety threats, severe weather, and other crisis situations require next generation communication systems that broadcast audible voice messages with exceptional clarity and push location-based safety alerts to the mobile phones of students, staff and faculty.

During active shooter and other campus safety incidents, LRAD communication systems:

• Initiate 'Evacuate' and 'Shelter-in-place' safety protocols

• Provide flexible communication coverage by broadcasting notifications and instructions to specific locations or campus-wide

• Broadcast messages and updates for the duration of the incident to inform, calm and reassure those affected

• Give on-scene commanders the capability to broadcast directions and instructions to first responders simultaneously and quickly coordinate incident responses

• Communicate information and directions to family members, friends, and emergency responders rushing into an incident area

• Are highly effective in communicating critical information before, during and after crisis situations, campus safety threats, severe weather and other crisis situations.


• 60° – 360° audible mass notification coverage over areas out to 5 sq. km.

• Broadcast voice messages with the Industry’s best vocal clarity – Speech Transmission Index of 0.95 out of 1.0

• Superior communications capability – Voice messages are clearly heard and understood over background noise and inside buildings

• Self-contained, self-powered – Not reliant on external communication and power infrastructure


• NEWS is a reliable, fast and easy-to-use solution for sending location-based safety alerts and notifications to the mobile phones of students, staff and faculty

• NEWS identifies the total number of mobile phones inside an incident area

• NEWS alerts and notifications are automatically refreshed to warn away individuals who enter an active incident area

• With NEWS, security officials significantly improve campus safety by providing potentially lifesaving information to individuals in harm's way

LRAD Corporation is revolutionizing mass notification with its leading distributed recipient mobile phone alert software and the industry's most intelligible voice communication systems that are self-contained, self-powered and not dependent on external power and communication infrastructure.

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