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Integrated Long Range Communications
Brochure: Port & Perimeter Security

Integrated Long Range Communication

Vehicle Mounted Solutions
Brochure: Vehicle Mounted Solutions

Saving Lives Through Clear Communication

Vessel Security Solutions
Brochure: Vessel Security Solutions

Establishing Large Standoff Zones with Long Range Communication

Rapidly Deployable Communications
Brochure: National Guard – Rapidly Deployable Communication

Maintaining Communication During Critical Situations

Border & Homeland Security
Brochure: Border & Homeland Security

Remotely Operated Perimeter Security and Response

Brochure: Law Enforcement Solutions

Clear, Unambiguous Communication for Every Public Safety Scenario

Mass Notification: Campus Safety
Brochure: Mass Notification – Campus Safety

Filling a Critical Communications Gap by Combining P.A. with Mass Notification

Maritime: Small Vessels
Brochure: Small Marine Vessels

Improving Safety & Security with Long Range Communication

Safe, Cost-Effective Wildlife Preservation and Control Solutions
Brochure: Preserving Wildlife & Protecting Assets

LRAD Systems are Safely Controlling and Preserving Wildlife    

Brochure: Defense – Communication & Essential EOF Capabilities

Communication & Essential Escalation of Force (EOF) Capabilities

Brochure: LRAD Maritime Solutions

Protecting Maritime Personnel, Vessels and Assets

Brochure: Mass Notification Solutions

LRAD – ONE VOICE® for Mass Notification.

Securing Oil & Gas Platforms from Encroaching Boats
Case Study: Offshore Oil & Gas – Encroaching Vessels

Securing Oil & Gas Platforms

Homeland Security: Remotely Securing Critical Infrastructure
Case Study: Remotely Securing Critical Infrastructure

LRAD-RX Systems Establish a Virtual Fence to Secure Critical Infrastructure

Law Enforcement: High Profile Events
Case Study: Law Enforcement – High Profile Events

Keeping the Peace During High Profile Events & Elevated Risk Operations

Law Enforcement Music Festival Security
Case Study: Law Enforcement – Large Outdoor Events

Communicating to Large Crowds & Keeping the Peace

Potential Suicide
Case Study: Law Enforcement – Preventing Deadly Outcomes

The Seattle PD Uses LRAD to Prevent a Suicide

Case Study - Oil & Gas: Mass Notification Solution
Case Study: Mass Notification – Oil & Gas Facilities

Ensuring Personnel Safety During Oil & Gas Facility Emergencies

Wildlife Deterrent - Keeping Birds from Fish Hatchery
Case Study: Deterring Birds from Fish Hatcheries

Reducing Hatchling and Fish Loss

Improving Communications During Missions at Sea
Case Study: Maritime – Improving Communications at Sea

LRAD Ensures Vessels are Never Without Ship-to-Ship Communication

Law Enforcement: RCMERT Shootout with an Armed Gunman
Case Study: Law Enforcement – Active Shooter Situations

LRAD Defuses Active Shooter Situations to Saves Lives

Law Enforcement: Barricaded Suspect
Case study: Law Enforcement – Barricaded Suspects

Saving Lives During Elevated Risk Operations

Case Study: Police & Fire, Safely Controlling Large Crowds

Colombian law enforcement and fire departments are successfully deploying LRAD systems on the ground...

Case Study: Protecting Swimmers & Beachgoers with LRAD
Case Study: Protecting Swimmers & Beachgoers with LRAD

Protecting Swimmers & Beachgoers with LRAD

LRAD Case Study, LNG Ensenada
Case study: Critical Infrastructure – Waterside Perimeter & Dock Security

Case Study: Conducting Safer SWAT Operations with LRAD

Henderson, Nevada Police Department SWAT Team

Case Study: ONE VOICE™ for Mass Notification & Public Address
Case Study: ONE VOICE® for Mass Notification & Public Address

ONE VOICE® for Mass Notification & Public Address

Case Study: DHS Small Boat Security Strategy with LRAD
Case Study: DHS Small Boat Security Strategy with LRAD

DHS Small Boat Security Strategy with LRAD

Case Study: Aerial Broadcast Campaigns
Case Study: Aerial Broadcast Campaigns

Colombian Army and Air Force Aerial Broadcast Campaigns

Case Study: Safely Controlling Large Crowds
Case Study: Colombian Law Enforcement & Fire Departments

Colombian Law Enforcement & Fire Departments

LRAD: Rapidly Deployable SWAT Communication & Public Address
Rapidly Deployable SWAT Communication & Public Address

Case Study: Shooting Range Communication

Shooting range safety is vital for military, law enforcement and public firing ranges

Case Study: Law Enforcement – Columbus, OH PD – Can You Hear Me Now?

Case Study: Law Enforcement – San Diego, CA PD – Crowd Control at Anti-Trump Rally

Marine and Port Patrols
Case Study: Vancouver PD Marine & Port Patrol

“With a push of a button, they (the Marine Squad) were able to effectively...

MNS for Lifeguard Towers
Case Study: P.A. and Mass Notification for Lifeguard Towers

Singapore Navy uses LRAD
Case Study: Singapore Navy Deploying LRAD to Counter Maritime Threats

LRAD used at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Case Study: Mobile Mass Notification for Large Events – Houston Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLS&R) is one of the largest live entertainment...

Case Study: Emergency Warning & Disaster Communication – City of San Jose

Datasheet: LRAD DS-60X

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 100X

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 300X-RE

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 360X Control Software

Datasheet: LRAD 360Xm

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 360X

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 500X-RE

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 1000RX

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 1000Xi

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: 360XT Trailer

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD Wireless Kit

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD Streamer

Datasheet: LRAD SS400

Portable Power Pack Datasheet
Datasheet: Portable Power Pack

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 2000X

Download Datasheet
Datasheet: LRAD 450XL

Datasheet: LRAD 1000

Datasheet: LRAD 360XS Quad

Datasheet: LRAD 500X-MMT

Datasheet: LRAD ONE VOICE Expanded Control Unit

Datasheet: LRAD 950RXL

Datasheet: LRAD 500RX

Remotely Operated, Integrated Communication System

Datasheet: LRAD 360XL-MID

LRAD’s indoor/outdoor omnidirectional emergency warning and public address system is housed in a lightweight,...

Datasheet: LRAD 1950XL

Datasheet: LRAD SS100

LRAD Product Guide

Detailed Information on All LRAD Systems and Solutions

Beyond crowd control and protest situations, LRAD systems alleviate the need for non-lethal or lethal means to keep the peace and enhance public safety at large outdoor events.
White Paper: Humanely Resolving Public Safety Situations

LRAD Enhances Public Safety and Helps Keep the Peace

Securing Critical DOE Infrastructure with LRAD
White Paper: Securing Critical DOE Infrastructure

LRAD Remotely Operated, Cost Effective Perimeter Security Solutions

Bridging the Communication Gap in Civil Emergency Situations
White Paper: Communication in Civil Emergency Situations

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere with LRAD

Army Maneuver Force LRAD Applications
White Paper: Filling the Critical Gap in EOF

LRAD Systems Fill a Critical Gap in the Army Maneuver Force’s EOF