Powerful, Intelligible Communication

Communicate, Notify, and Save Lives with LRAD


Defence Applications: LRAD fills the
critical gap between initial engagement and the
escalation of force.

Mass Notification Applications: LRAD provides local & wide-area communication through attention commanding alert tones and highly intelligible voice messages.

The Communication System of Choice for Defence Forces


LRAD Corporation is using
long-range communication to safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations, and save lives on both sides of its proprietary Long Range Acoustic Device.

LRAD systems are proven and effective for many Defence applications including:

  • Maneuver Force communications
  • Hail & Warn at a distance
  • Determine intent
  • Communicate to & disperse crowds
  • Establish standoff zones
  • Remote perimeter security response
  • Enforce area denial
  • Secure checkpoints
  • Convoy protection
  • Cordon and search operations
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Disaster response
  • SAR operations
  • MP applications

LRAD systems resolve any ambiguity of intent and facilitate rapid and decisive force protection during defence operations by providing operators and crews the ability to establish significant standoff ranges, unequivocally determine intent, favorably resolve uncertain situations and save lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device.


Using Long Range Communication
in EOF

The role of Defence forces in conflicts has evolved toward greater emphasis on managing interaction with civilian populations. Defence organizations around the world are using Long Range Acoustic Devices to fill the critical gap between initial engagement and employing lethal force. Since LRAD was first introduced in 2003, the product line and applicable missions have expanded to become a vital part of layered defence and attack strategies for land forces around the world. LRAD has saved the lives of soldiers and innocent civilians and enabled maneuver forces to quickly make accurate life or death decisions, to stand down or open fire.



As part of a layered communication and EOF strategy, LRAD systems provide defence personnel time and distance to distinguish between security threats and innocent civilians before employing lethal force. At distances ranging from 200 meters up to 3 kilometers, LRAD systems broadcast focused (15°-30°), highly intelligible multilingual hails, warnings and commands to security threats or large crowds. LRAD also broadcasts powerful deterrent tones to initiate the EOF based on a threat’s actions.

Through the use of voice commands and deterrent tones, LRAD unequivocally determines intent at distance and is an essential component in all EOF protocols. Thousands of LRAD systems have been deployed in over 70 countries worldwide with proven performance and reliability in all types of weather conditions and environments. Portable LRADs range from the handheld LRAD 100X weighing just 7 kgs to the LRAD-1000Xi with an audible broadcast range up to 3000 meters.

Every LRAD comes with an all-weather microphone and LRAD’s MIL SPEC MP3 player to record and playback messages on the fly or to broadcast live or pre-recorded warnings, commands and messages in any language for any operational scenario.

LRAD systems are the most thoroughly tested acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) on the market, having successfully passed approximately 40 separate U.S. government tests including all MIL STD testing for heat, humidity, and shock. LRAD systems feature rugged military construction and have been tested and approved by ARDEC and the Aberdeen Test Center.


The LRAD Solution

LRAD systems are easily integrated with Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS) to protect soldiers inside HMMWVs, MRAPs, Strykers and other armored vehicles while adding the vital capability of scalable EOF through clear communication and non-lethal deterrence.

Using powerful, long-range communication to increase standoff distances enhances the safety of maneuver forces by keeping civilian populations at extended ranges and providing additional time to assess threat situations and respond appropriately.

LRAD Defence systems include:

The LRAD 100X is a self-contained hand portable hailer that is 20-30 decibels (dB) louder than standard bullhorns and megaphones. Optimized driver and waveguide technology ensure crystal clear voice communication so every syllable is understood over distances up to 600 meters. This extraordinary acoustic performance comes in a rugged package that can be operated in all weather conditions making it ideal for soldiers and small vehicles.

LRAD 300X is a low profile, lightweight solution particularly suited for use on armored vehicles. The LRAD 300X is easily installed with a variety of temporary or permanent vehicle mounting options to provide Defence forces long-range communication and a highly effective hailing and warning capability over distances up to 1000 meters.


LRAD 450XL is the industry's loudest, most intelligible AHD for its size and weight. Low profile, lightweight and designed for temporary or fixed mounting on tripods, small vessels, vehicles and CROWS, the LRAD 450XL uses an enhanced, patent pending technology to generate the audio output of a unit almost twice its size and weight with the same high level of clarity and intelligibility consistent with the LRAD product line. With a 1700-meter range, the LRAD 450XL is rapidly being adopted by security and defence forces around the world.


LRAD 500RX is an integrated communication system for perimeter security, FOBs, area surveillance, protection of assets and other critical infrastructure. Controlled remotely across an IP network, it enables system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe environment with a fully functional unmanned perimeter security solution. Featuring an integrated camera, high-intensity searchlight (optional) and robust, IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise aiming and tracking, the LRAD 500RX can also be integrated with radar to provide automated intruder alerts and responses.


LRAD 950RXL is designed for integrated applications ranging from small vessels to fixed installation security solutions, the LRAD 950RXL can be controlled remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to create a fully functional, unmanned perimeter security solution and respond to potential threats from a safe location. Featuring an integrated HD camera, a high-intensity, 12 million candlepower searchlight (optional) and a robust, IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise aiming and tracking, the LRAD 950RXL can also be integrated with radar to provide automated intruder alerts.  The LRAD 950RXL’s ability to immediately interact with a potential threat remotely provides security personnel additional time and distance to accurately assess situations and scale their response appropriately.


LRAD 360XL-MID is an indoor/outdoor omnidirectional emergency warning and public address system, housed in a lightweight, compact form factor.

Featuring LRAD’s industry-leading voice intelligibility, every word in an LRAD 360XL-MID broadcast is clearly heard and understood up to a 2.0 sq. km area.

Perfect for urban areas, small campus and industrial sites, the LRAD 360XL-MID is portable or can be installed on existing infrastructure or buildings, light poles, etc. The LRAD 360XL-MID safely delivers voice and emergency broadcasts with LRAD’s unsurpassed clarity and range in uniform 360° coverage.


LRAD SOUNDSABER-X  array loudspeaker delivers general announcements and emergency notifications with industry-leading vocal intelligibility and speech clarity.

SoundSaber’s compact, lightweight, rugged, high-efficiency drivers provide greater audio output and superior intelligibility. LRAD’s advanced line array speaker technology ensures broadcasts are clearly heard and understood in high ambient noise environments. The thin form factor of the SS-X enables unobtrusive installation.

The LRAD SS-X features the industry’s highest intelligibility and is easily configurable for large indoor or outdoor areas.

LRAD DS-60 horn systems provide highly intelligible, area customizable solutions for remotely operated public address, mass notification, and life safety communication with 60° broadcast directionality. LRAD’s compact, high efficiency amplifier cabinet includes an Ethernet based audio streaming device that enables exceptionally clear live or recorded message transmission across a TCP/IP network. Flexible and easy to install and integrate, the Ethernet interface eliminates hissing and crackling by digitizing mass notification installations. The DS-60 features a rugged, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation, an all-weather electronics cabinet with integrated MP3 player, microphone and network Streamer, with unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility.


Deployment Driven Performance

LRAD – CONVOY PROTECTIONWhen traveling through areas of civilian unrest, convoys employ LRAD to communicate to potentially hostile locals and to discourage rock throwing and more serious threats.LRAD’s highly intelligible warnings, commands and deterrent tones keep convoy personnel safe and prevent civilian injuries and casualties. In theaters of operation, LRAD systems establish increased standoff zones, determine security threat intent at safe distances, safely change threat behavior and limit the escalation of force.Iraq - LRAD Convoy Protection“We were involved in situations where Iraqis threw rocks, ran out in front of our convoys, and harassed us at close quarters. In these situations, LRAD’s powerful deterrent tone gets the attention of crowds and then is highly effective in broadcasting warnings and instructions in the host nation language.”As a result of villager violence, Project Sheriff vehicles were equipped with LRAD 500X systems. Vehicles would roll into villages, activate the LRAD warning tone then broadcast native language messages. Compliance was immediate and repeated as vehicles and convoys entered villages.LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through wind, engine and background noise and is clearly heard and understood, even inside vehicles and buildings, over distances ranging from close range up to 3 kilometers.Through the use of live or recorded multilingual voice commands and deterrent tones, LRAD minimizes incidents and saves lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device®.LRAD – CHECKPOINTS, ROADBLOCKS & TRAFFIC CONTROLToday’s threat environment has placed increasing demands on defence forces stretching resources to the limit. Protection tools that act as a force multiplier, increase security coverage, favorably resolve uncertain situations and save lives alleviate these challenges.Military organizations around the world are using LRAD systems at checkpoints, roadblocks and for vehicle search & control. From close range up to 3 kilometers, LRAD broadcasts focused, highly intelligible multilingual hails, warnings, and commands.Powerful deterrent tone enhances response capabilities, unequivocally determines intent and, when necessary, safely initiates EOF.LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast cuts through wind, engine and background noise and is heard and understood by occupants in approaching vehicles. Through the use of live or recorded multilingual voice commands and deterrent tones, security threat intent is determined at distance and altered.Long Range › Non-Kinetic › Non-Lethal › Safe
  • Determine intent at ranges up to 3,000 meters
  • Communicate in multiple languages into moving vehicles
  • Stop vehicles, enforce area denial and prevent deadly misunderstandings
  • Safe for both operators and vehicle occupants
LRAD – EXCLUSION ZONESFixed Site SecurityLRAD protects security personnel by enforcing increased standoff distances around perimeters and control points. LRAD also gives control point security personnel more time to accurately assess uncertain situations and respond appropriately.UAVs / UGVs / Hovering DronesWhen integrated with sensor networks, LRAD systems deployed on the ground or in the air remotely respond to unauthorized incursions and potential threats. Coordinates are transmitted to the UAV, UGV or drone mounted LRAD providing operators precise targeting of LRAD’s unique directed sound capability to communicate and appropriately respond to incursions and security threats from a remote location.LRAD – ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTSBase shootings, terrorist threats and other emergencies require improved incident management communication systems.Bullhorns and portable/vehicle public address systems are limited in range and vocal clarity. Highly intelligible notifications and instructions inform, calm and provide potentially lifesaving information to everyone involved in an incident area.Featuring exceptional intelligibility and tonal clarity, LRAD enables incident commanders to communicate into buildings and vehicles, and over wind, engine, and background noise in any type of terrain and environment from close range up to 3000 meters.LRAD systems establish and control access to security areas, enabling emergency responders to mitigate further risks and protect defence and civilian personnel while preserving the incident scene for subsequent investigation.LRAD goes anywhere communication is needed. From the portable LRAD 100X to larger systems mounted temporarily or permanently on vehicles, trailers or helicopters, LRAD systems are versatile, self-contained and don’t rely on external power or communication infrastructure.LRAD AHD and 360° mass notification systems provide ONE VOICE® to communicate throughout an incident area with a commanding alert siren to safely ensure attention to the exceptionally clear live or pre-recorded warnings, instructions and commands that follow.LRAD systems provide a superior communications capability for all incident management scenarios.LRAD – FOB & PERIMETER SECURITYThroughout the world, LRAD systems are being deployed for FOB and perimeter security and surveillance applications. Legacy systems with cameras, thermal imaging, motion detectors and other sensors only watch.Using powerful, highly intelligible commands and deterrent tones to safely establish and enforce large standoff zones ranging up to 3000 meters, LRAD systems determine security threat intent and provide defence personnel more time to initiate an elevated response to unauthorized incursions if necessary.LRAD – SHOOTING RANGES & MOCK MUNITIONSDuring weapons training or live fire exercises, ranges need a way to clearly communicate warnings, commands and instructions over gunfire to shooters wearing hearing protection.LRAD shooting range communication systems broadcast with authority and exceptional voice intelligibility over distances up to 600 meters. LRAD systems are unique in their ability to deliver live or recorded messages to shooters wearing regular or noise canceling headsets.LRAD systems prevent accidental injuries and casualties by eliminating the need to manually clear test ranges before commencing fire.LRAD systems also realistically simulate gunfire and other loud noises during training, and safely and quickly clear ranges before initiating live fire target practice.LRAD – MISO/PSYOPSLRAD systems are used in MISO to simulate gunfire, helicopter rotor wash, engine noise and radio traffic. LRAD also acts as a force multiplier for defence personnel operating in hostile areas.The LRAD Wireless Kit provides defence personnel with multiple options for remotely deploying LRAD in a variety of MISO situations and applications, including simulating gunfire to draw enemy fire or give away their location.The U.S. Defence MISO switched to LRAD after having extensive issues with their legacy loudspeaker equipment. When their assigned contractor was unable to fulfill their requirements and after extensive testing, they selected the LRAD 100X for dismounted operations and the LRAD 300X with OGPK mount for vehicle installations. The LRAD systems procurement freed up 4 cubic feet of space inside vehicles, simplified logistics, vastly improved audio output and reduced vehicle radar signatures.LRAD – HUMANITARIAN RELIEF & RESPONSEWhen major disasters occur, existing infrastructure is disrupted and compromised, power and communication systems fail, rural areas can be isolated and urban streets can become impassible and dangerous. Conducting relief efforts and distributing emergency supplies becomes highly problematic for defence personnel during humanitarian missions.LRAD goes anywhere communication is needed. From the hand portable LRAD 100X to larger systems mounted temporarily or permanently on stands, vehicles, trailers or helicopters, LRAD systems are self-contained and don’t rely on external power or communication infrastructure.LRAD systems provide ONE VOICE® to communicate throughout a disaster area with a commanding alert siren to safely ensure attention to the exceptionally clear live or pre-recorded directions, instructions and notifications that follow.MILITARY MASS NOTIFICATION AND PUBLIC ADDRESSDuring emergency situations on defence bases, personnel safety is the highest priority. When approaching severe weather, fire, bomb and active shooter threats, chemical releases, and other life threatening incidents occur, all personnel on site must be alerted and base emergency protocols quickly initiated.In non-emergency situations, defence bases also require mass communication for playing bugle calls, the national anthem and broadcasting general announcements.Unlike antiquated, siren-based giant voice systems have limited voice capability and range, LRAD ONE VOICE® systems combine public address with mass notification and feature exceptional intelligibility, broadcasting warning sirens and crystal clear voice messages in uniform 360° coverage from close range up to 12 sq. kilometers.By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has eliminated the shortcomings of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies.LRAD mass notification systems are configurable and can be remotely monitored and activated by Ethernet, Wi-Fi, digital or analog radio, fiber or hard wire and provide a superior communications capability for general announcements and emergency situations.


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About LRAD Corporation

THE GLOBAL LEADER in Long Range Acoustic Devices®
and Advanced ONE VOICE
® Mass Notification Systems

LRAD Corporation introduced its first directed sound technology in 1996 and began engineering acoustic solutions for government and commercial markets. In response to the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, the Company’s engineering team developed the revolutionary Long Range Acoustic Device and created a new industry.

In 2013, the Company launched its new line of ONE VOICE® omnidirectional public address/mass notification systems featuring LRAD’s unparalleled area coverage, vocal clarity and reliability. LRAD® systems are in service in more than 70 countries around the world in diverse applications including mass notification and public address, fixed and mobile defence deployments, maritime security, critical infrastructure and perimeter security, commercial security, border and port security, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, asset protection, and wildlife control and preservation.

LRAD Corporation is using long-range communication to safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations, and save lives on both sides of its proprietary Long Range Acoustic Device.





In the ARMY, we talk about shoot, move, communicate. Well, this is the communicate part. Communications is the key not only about winning in engagements, but also with hearts and minds. The fewer people we have to engage, the more we are able to keep soldiers safe, as well as not engage the local populace in deadly force. Regardless of the mission you're on, whether you're a combat unit or combat support, the LRAD is multi-usage.


Robert Truitt
Operations and Training Officer

200th Military Police Command, Fort George G. Meade, MD



U.S. Army’s AHD of Choice – LRAD 500X


In 2005, the Army and the JNLWD, in conjunction with CASCOM, identified a critical capability gap. Their analysis found that soldiers could not adequately communicate in host nation language from a safe distance to adequately limit EOF. Soldiers were being placed in situations where they could only choose to shoot or not shoot, resulting in many unnecessary indigenous civilian casualties. Other non-lethal tools failed to provide adequate direction to inform civilians what they needed to do to avoid EOF and potentially lethal consequences.

Early AHDs had previously been provided in Army EOF kits, but Army testing revealed they were inadequate to effectively communicate beyond the typical standoff firing range during convoy protection, at entry control points, for crowd control, and on FOB perimeters. To address this capability gap, the Army and JNLWD went to industry sources, including LRAD Corporation, and asked them to develop a communications tool that could communicate up to 300 meters over 88dB of background noise. The LRAD 500X won an extensive  AHD competition to become the Army's solution.

The LRAD 500X has Army safety certification and has successfully completed a full battery of tests at Aberdeen Test Center.

Systems have been fielded on FOBs, MRAPs, LSVs, LCUs and at ECPs around the world.


Saving Lives on
Both Sides
of the Device

All-weather, robust and combat proven, LRAD systems support soldiers at all tactical levels in their critical missions. LRAD systems enhance force protection during defence operations with a compact, combined suite for deployment by individual operators and crews to establish significant standoff areas, unequivocally determine intent, change behavior, and resolve uncertain situations.

LRAD use in mounted and dismounted Defence operations enables soldiers to initiate contact at safe distances by broadcasting powerful warning tones and highly intelligible commands in host nation languages to quickly determine intent and scale EOF to save lives.

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