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Rapidly Deployable, Mobile Public Safety Notification System

During disasters and emergency situations, the ability to quickly deploy communication systems that broadcast exceptionally intelligible voice messages locally and over large areas is crucial to ensure public safety.

The LRAD 360XT delivers LRAD’s renowned, highly intelligible voice and alert tone broadcasts with uniform 360° coverage from a rapidly deployable, telescoping 30-foot pneumatic mast. The LRAD 360XT is integrated and mounted on a fully self-contained, ruggedized trailer featuring securely mounted, lockable electronics and equipment enclosures containing the amplifier modules and battery pneumatic systems.

The mobile LRAD 360XTcomes standard with a LRAD 360X dual emitter configuration that provides up to an 850-meter radius of communication coverage.

  1. Ruggedized, space saving amplifier modules
  2. Comes standard with LRAD’s hardened MP3 Controller/Player for recording, storing and playing back messages, and push button system control
  3. All-weather microphone to record and playback messages on the fly
  4. Low power consumption for continuous operation during extended power outages
  5. Fully operational in extreme temperatures, driving rain, high winds, salt spray and solar radiation
  6. Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  7. AC/DC operation
  8. P.A. and mass notification in one mobile system
  9. Safely alerts, communicates and informs during emergency situations
  10. Audio output easily modulated
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LRAD 360XT Specifications

  • 2 5/16 Ball hitch with surge brakes
  • Dual Torsion Axles
  • Spare Tire
  • Battery Charger
  • Extended temperature zero maitenance batteries
  • Black power-coated frame with white upper enclosures
  • Rated for permanent outdoor use and installation in all climatic conditions

Temperature -40°C to +60°C

Length – 225″

Width – 90.5″

Height with Mast Stowed – 64″

Height with Mast Extended – 36.4″

Weight– 4,400 lbs

  • Two battery compartments
  • Battery charger (universal AC input 90 – 230 VAC 50/60 Hz)
  • LRAD – 360X High efficiency class “D” Amplifiers compact, for 19′ rack 320W output
  • <1 second amplifier power up time for fast activation
  • 450Amp-hour total capacity 24 VDC nominal output
  • Continuous health and fault monitoring
  • LRAD Command and Control Software with Graphic User Interface
  • Displays location of the trailers on user configured overhead map
  • Displays health status of each trailer
  • Select and search audio to on or multiple trailers simultaneously
  • Audio can be sent live over microphone or from prerecorded message or siren
  • Desktop PC preinstalled with Windows 7 and LRAD Controller Software
  • Desktop gooseneck microphone for voice recording and live broadcasting

Built in local control interface with handheld recording microphone and ruggedized MP3 player/control unit.