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Enhanced Public Safety Notification


Powered by LRAD’s XL Driver Technology for Greater Area Coverage

The LRAD DS-60XL incorporates LRAD’s award-winning, highly intelligible voice clarity in a smaller form factor for remotely operated public address and life safety communications.Powered by LRAD’s proprietary XL driver technology, the LRAD DS-60XL has a 60° 900-meter range and the same form factor as the LRAD DS-60X. When configured in a 360° ring array, the broadcast coverage area extends to 2.5 sq. kilometers. LRAD DS-60XL horn systems provide area customizable communication solutions with 60° – 360° broadcast directionality.

LRAD’s optional compact, high efficiency amplifier cabinet includes an Ethernet based audio streaming device that enables exceptionally clear live or recorded message transmission across a TCP/IP network. Flexible and easy to install and integrate, the Ethernet interface modernizes mass notification installations and eliminates audio hissing and crackling. LRAD’s Streamer enables audio streaming to one or more LRAD DS-60XL installation over a LAN.

  1. Rugged, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation
  2. Galvanized steel mount with elevation adjustment
  3. Optional all-weather electronics cabinet with integrated MP3 player, microphone and network streamer
  4. Public safety notification and emergency warning in one system
  5. Available with 70 or 100V transformers for use with P.A. amplifiers (not included)
  6. Audio output quickly and easily modulated
  7. Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  8. Safely alert and communicate potentially lifesaving directions during emergency situations
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